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09/22/2002: "New Squaresoft Game!!!"

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Square does it again! Starting with the Final Fantasy series, they've built themselves up a lot. Now they come up with ''Kingdom Hearts!'' You've probably already seen the commercial on TV. The theme song, I found out, is sung by Utada Hikaru! The game looks like it'll be a kiddie cartoony game, but none the less, it actually looks fun. It's a weird fusion Disney cartoon with Japanese Anime style characters, featuring some old Final Fantasy characters! So far, I've seen a clip of Cloud, Aeris, and it's weird 'cause they added a voice to him and the other Final Fantasy characters who previously did not have voices. Also starring in this Squaresoft production is a whole slew of Disney characters, both good and evil, and I mean A LOT! Characters such as Hades, Goofy, Donald, and Maleficent, to name not even close to half, play parts in this magnificent looking game. If you're familiar with summoning, you'll appreciate the fact that you can summon characters like Simba (from the ''Lion King'') to help you out on your journey. Don't like RPGs? Tough, 'cause you're probably missing out on a good game. Actually, from clips and SSs the battle system looks more like a Zelda/Street Fighter game. I'll post more if I ever get around to getting this one. I still have a lot of games to play. This one is a MUST get!
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