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09/29/2002: "Wheeeeee... (Hockey)"

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Chalk up another loss for us! YAY! We're now 0-2 thanks to the nice loss of a score of 5-2, which brings me to a -4.

Don't understand +/-? Neither do I, really. I think it's scored as you get a plus everytime your team scores a goal on the ice, and a negative for every time the other team scores while you're on the ice. It sort of gives you an idea of who isn't doing their job on the ice.

Last period, I get leveled by someone on the other team, I get up and get leveled by my other winger. Nice. I hit my head pretty hard on the ice, 'cause I wasn't expecting it. Good thing I wear a helmet. Then again, right now, it feels like I wasn't wearing one. =( Oh well, I'm sure we'll do better next time, so I can boost my numbers some, and maybe get out of the negative...
Bitching by Adam @ 11:22 PM PST

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On Sunday, September 29th @ 11:42 PM PST, moO said:
AAAHHH!! you hit yer head on the ice AGAIN??! does moO have 2 restrict you from ice hockey toO??!