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10/02/2002: "Jobs"

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Did I forget to mention? Adam has a new job! Through Option 1 (some temp agency) I got a job at Best Buy as a Technical Representative for Belkin's wireless products. ''You work at Best Buy?'' Well, technically, yes. But, I don't work for Best Buy. ''Isn't it still retail? I thought Adam hates retail.'' I suppose it's retail. But, it isn't retail as anyone else has known it. My definition of a retail job is a sh*tty job with sh*tty pay. Now, I'm in a sh*tty job, with decent pay. So, it's not all TOO bad. But, Adam still hates people and also hates the helping of those people. Oh, did I mention it's in San Carlos? @#$%$#%#$ ... no comment... There's a story behind it, but I won't get into it now... So, if you're in the area from M-Th, 1-9 , I'll probably be there too.

The weirdest thing happened at work today, other than it being my first day and was completely disoriented (not to mention I haven't worked in retail in like 3 YEARS!, so I haven't stood for 8 hours straight for, like, forever), there was a store wide power outage! I dunno what happened, and I dunno if it was just the store. After the power came back on, about five minutes later, they found out 4 of the Sony desktop computers fried. Just goes to show you, even with the best surge protector, always have a battery back-up... Or don't buy Sony just because of the name... Supposedly, Sony's are VERY touchy with powering down correctly. Blah. If that was my case, my computer would have ceased working years ago, maybe even days after i got it.

Oh, and BTW, my Li'l C (tentative name) is NOT ''bak sik''! Find someone who can speak Cantonese and get that translated.
Bitching by Adam @ 01:17 AM PST

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On Thursday, October 3rd @ 12:05 AM PST, pam said:
yay! adam has a new job... and pam has a new computer =) must suck to hate people tho... and i know it means something bad (altho everything in chinese sounds bad...)... it means black?
On Thursday, October 3rd @ 02:38 PM PST, Hassan said:
WOOHOO! I'm glad to hear that you got a job man. San Carlos is close to my pad so I definitely plan to stop by soon.
On Thursday, October 3rd @ 10:08 PM PST, Adam said:
As long as it's M-Th 1-6 ~ 7-9, I'll be there. Just don't ask for a discount. I can't even get one. Gonna get more buddy-buddy with the FT Best Buy employees, HEH.
On Friday, October 4th @ 12:14 AM PST, pam said:
don't you have that thing called school?
On Friday, October 4th @ 12:21 AM PST, Adam said: