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10/11/2002: "Video Game Commercials"

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I don't think I've mentioned how much I really like the new Need for Speed commercials. The one that gave me the biggest stomach ache laughing was the one where they pull up beside the cop, one guy gets out of the passenger side, runs to the speed limit sign in front of them an spray paints a big black ''1'' in front of the numbers. Then runs back into the car and they drive off with the cops in tow. too funny.

But, the video that gets the Biggest Stomach Cramp of the year award is the Tekken 4 commercial. Some scrawny kid is in the kitchen making noises which resemble the stereotype Bruce Lee/martial arts yaulp, and at the same time making a scrambled egg while flexing and taunting the egg as if it were a fighter or a nemesis of some sort. At the end he yaulps again, puts a bite of egg in his mouth, spits it out and crys with a ''modified'' yaulp. HOT! Yes, hot egg makes even a grown man cry. So, the egg is the actual victor! Too funny, you gotta see it. Gonna find clips on the web so you too can enjoy without having to wait in front of the TV 24 hours a day in anticipation of seeing the commercial.
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On Thursday, June 9th @ 08:25 PM PST, Raven said:
I wanna find the Commercials!!
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