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10/10/2002: "Misc. Junk: Hockey, TV/Fuses, Rick, Joe, & Madonna"

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YaY! Hockey started yesterday! At least I have something to do on the weekends now! Gotta tape all the games while I'm at work, so I can watch 'em all when I get home and on the weekends.

Crap, I was gonna tape ''Friends'' today, I had everything all set up; timer all set up, cable set to A side (Adam don't usually watch A side.), eveything good to go. I come home to find my clock blinking. That's not good. Crap, someone blew a fuse in my section! Stupid, my room is connected to the air conditioner, fridges, and microwaves. yeah, plural. We have like 4 fridges (my brother, my parents', and I have mini fridges; and we have a full size in the kitchen). Theres also 3 microwaves in the house, one in the kitchen, one in my parents' room, and one in mine. Yeah, a bunch of crap in our house. (on a side note we have almost one TV in every room for a total of seven TV's. At one point in time we had one big screen TV with a non functioning TV on top of it in the family room. Don't ask. Oh, and don't EVEN ask how many computers we have total in the house.

Hey, kick ass. Rick Yune is in the new 007 movie! Doesn't he play another ''bad guy?'' Yay, we need more bro's and bra's in the media!

Ok, so someone told me that the guy from ''Memento'' was also in the ''Sopranos.'' Then at work, while flipping through the channels I saw this guy in the ''Sopranos'' and then ''Bad Boys.'' I had no idea it was him! So, I went home and looked him up and apparently he's done alot of ish! You know he was also in the ''Matrix?!''

I really like Madonna's new song ''Die Another Day,'' which is the theme song of the new Bond movie of the same name. The video is pretty cool too. She fights ''herself'' with fencing foils, a broadsword, and a battle axe. You have to see the part at the end with Oddjob. I give the fighting a B+. Pretty high for a video and an American choreographed fight scene. I'm only assuming that it was choreographed by a NON-Chinese. Still a good one, despite its short length.
Bitching by Adam @ 11:08 PM PST

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On Thursday, October 17th @ 06:00 PM PST, pam said:
is rick the guy from f&f?

i'm disappointed that madonna did the bond theme because that means i have to listen to it when i see the movie :-/
On Thursday, October 17th @ 11:03 PM PST, Adam said:
Yeah? Well, at least Moby didn't sing it.