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10/22/2002: "Hockey Sunday"

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Horrible! We managed to lose again last Sunday. This time 1-8! And we had almost 3 full forward lines (Center and 2 wingers). I say ''almost'' because we HAD 3 full lines, but 1 guy got ejected because he didn't have a chin strap... LAME! Well, I guess it's ok. I didn't do as bad as I could have, I only came out of the game with a -2. The worst I could have done was a -8. I got 2 REALLY good shots on goal, but that's about it. My excuse is that we're a new ''franchise'' so we don't work as a team yet. All the other teams have been together a while and work great together. They all have matching jerseys and socks. We look like the bad news bears of hockey. Kinda like those ghetto Mighty Ducks. At least this week, I don't have any big injuries or bruises. I'm still a little sore, but that's expected.

I'm wondering if I should make my blog an ''un-abridged" blog, with no holds barred blogging, or have a separate one just for me. Obviously there's more to my life that's written here. It just might not be appropriate for such a public document. Oh well, whatever.

Stolen from Sam's AIM profile:

i am sam
i like ham
would u lend
me ur friend?
i have no hair
u and me make a great pair
i'll laugh at ur jokes
suck up to ur folks
i like u ma'am
i am sam

WTF, Sam! It makes an arrow! Pretty funny tho. Weirdo.
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On Tuesday, October 22nd @ 11:45 PM PST, pam said:
who's sam?