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10/27/2002: "Phillip Hockey & the Sharks"

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Yesterday, my uncle and I brought my brother to his hockey game. I was to tape his game for my parents since they're still out of town.(they get back tomorrow morning) The game before his was a pretty cool game. I think it was an age group above his. Anyway, it was the 3rd period and not much time left. The home team was down 2-1. Frustrated, they ended up getting two penalties, at different times. So, down by one, playing 5 on 3, about 2 minutes left, the opposing team held the puck up to waste time. Unfortunetly, for the team ahead, the ref blows the whistle. I guess you can't just hog the puck to waste time, they should have just passed the puck a lot to waste time. But, no, they just held it behind their goal. This stops the play for a face off in the Away team's ice. The Home team wins the face off, and scores! The game ends 2-2.

Oh, my brother's game? Well, I have the first ten minutes of his game on tape. Hrm, his games are 45 minutes long! Yeah, he said the batteries were charged. Yeah... They weren't. So his team struggled most of the game, getting scored on within the first 2 minutes of the game, and until the last 2 minutes were 1-2. After those two minutes, Phillip scores the tieing goal. All the parents cheer.

Woohoo! The Sharks finally signed Nabokov! Maybe they'll win some now... Then again, they just lost to the Blackhawks 2-3. At least I have hockey soon! YAY! Hope we do better this time.
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