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10/31/2002: "Dragonball, Damn Watered Down Imports & Unemployed Again."

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Lately I've been watching a LOT of Dragonball and DBZ. I can't believe I didn't get into this sooner. I guess its because it's the American market ''pawn-off'' version. You know, the watered down version? Kinda like when the water down every other damn Import movie/manga. All the damn GOOD Chinese movies (primarily Jet Li and Jackie Chan) brought to America and cut to be acceptable to the American market. LEAVE IT THE WAY IT IS!!! This is why I'd rather buy imports straight from the origins.

But, I digress. True, DB & DBZ, I'm told, are watered down versions, but it's the best I got. I wish I had Cartoon Network a LONG time ago, I dunno what I'd do without it now. No more DB, DBZ, and Powerpuff Girls. Yes, I still watch PPG.

I'm so addicted to Dragonball, that I'm researching for any and all info on the ''wired'' about it, trying to find anything I can! I'm such a NERD! The DBZ test even says it!

Which DragonballZ Character are you?

Man, I need to be more productive during the week while I'm unemployed again. I'm still looking for jobs, so no worries. Only, this time, I don't have Unemployment to back me up. Sure I can file again, but I'd only get $87 a week, sure I can eat off that. But, I figure not to depend on that anymore and save it for later if I REALLY need it. UE is based on your last quarter's income claim, since I had a grand total of $0 income, I get the minimum amount. So, hopefully, I'll get a job soon. The way I think is if I work for 3 months, get laid off, THEN open a new claim, I'll get a higher amount versus opening a claim now and only get the $87 after I get laid off again. Does that make any sense? Probably not, I think I'm rambling now. It's 2:36. STFU. I hate you. I need sleep. Nope, back to Warcraft 3! Wheeeeeee.
Bitching by Adam @ 02:42 AM PST

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On Sunday, November 3rd @ 01:41 PM PST, pam said:
it's Y - O - U - ' - R - E !!!
On Sunday, November 3rd @ 01:49 PM PST, Adam said:
I didn't make the quiz.
On Tuesday, November 5th @ 12:47 AM PST, pam said:
i know. but it's a "friends" reference too. and i really can't figure out why "you're" vs. "your" is SO DIFFICULT!!! *sigh*