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10/29/2002: "My Mother"

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I don't know what it is, but whenever she goes on some sort of vacation she always gets me Ralph Lauren Polo Clothes, and for some reason, it's always FAKE! I really donít know what it is. I donít know if itís on purpose or what. This year she got me a hat, and the polo guy embroidery is all wrong. Itís cool & Iíll wear it. HEH. But, last year, she got me a polo shirt. Things that got me thinking this is a fake too: 1. It was a ''Ralph Lauren Sport.'' To the best of my knowledge there is no RL Sport. Thereís a Polo Sport, but no known RL Sport. 2. The RL polo shirts have 2 buttons, this shirt has 3. I think the fake one was made inÖ Nicaragua? Ok, I can believe it. Some of my shirts were made in Honduras, Hong Kong, Peru, El Salvador, N. Mariana, Bolivia, China, ooo one from USA. 3. The polo guy is exactly embroidered the same way, almost too perfect. But the back tag just looks all wrong. 3. The sizing is all wrong, the tag says one thing but the actual size is smaller. PLUS, it shrank! Polo stuff doesnít shrink!!! At least none of MY real polo stuff shrank. Even the ones I once liked big, but now wouldnít mind to shrunk, wonít. So, yeah, my only fear is what I get next year! LOL, thanks Mom. I still wear the stuff anyway.
Bitching by Adam @ 10:52 PM PST

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On Tuesday, October 29th @ 11:27 PM PST, pam said:
N. Mariana?
On Thursday, October 31st @ 03:18 AM PST, Adam said:
Yes, look it up.