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11/03/2002: "Hockey Sunday"

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Well, chalk up another ''L'' for the Misfits. Yes, I said it, another loss. However, this time we were playing against the first place team AND we didn't have a goalie. We elected to have 6 players on the ice to sort of even it out. We came out with a 3-8 game and a TON of penalties. I think everyone was getting fed up with the LACK of calls on the ref's part, so it escalated a bit where it would be contact after contact until finally SOMETHING was being called. After a few minutes of the start of the game, I started again YAY ME!, I was taken down by basically grabbing my arm and forced to the ice. No call was made and throughout the whole game my elbow hurt. After the game I had already had a dark bruise. When bruises come fast, it must have been bad. What makes it worse is I already had a raspberry (I think it's what it's called) from yesterday when I went to Hockey Workout and slid on the ice. Despite not having a goalie, the first period or so, we were basically trading off scoring goals with the first place team. Over all, I think we actually did really well. It still being a loss, I'm bitter, and sent out a rant email to a Miata list I'm on. Maybe I should have read it before sending it out. Most of the time I write an email of any subject it ends up in the trash. But, that's another story. I digress. Being a well played game, I managed to grab two assists (I was pracitising passing and receiving with Phillip at Hockey Workout) and added a +1 to my +/-! Unfortunetly, it's still -5, but it's moving. Hopefully more positive in the future.
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