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11/07/2002: "News & Treasure Planet"

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Taking a queue from Pam, here's a news article that might make you look at an object differently the next time you see one. Once innocent, now totally gross...

So, yeah... This guy, once an alien with John Lithgow, Kristen Johnston, & French Stewart; now lends his voice for ''Treasure Planet.'' I mistook him for the kid who played D.J. in that TV show ''Rosanne.'' It's not him; however, he HAS had a recurring role in that show. Unrelated, so did George Clooney. I don't want to see ''Treasure Planet,'' but I thought I'd add a little future trivia buster your way.
Bitching by Adam @ 12:02 AM PST

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On Friday, November 8th @ 09:27 AM PST, pam said:
lol... thanks for the plug! those wacky british! i used to think the daughter's bf, johnny galecki, was cute in a dorky sort of way... oh, the one from "third rock" is totally cute... i like him better with short hair.
On Friday, November 8th @ 06:10 PM PST, Adam said:
Anyone notice this was in... Dare I say... Gayfield? What would be worse, a brit doing a cone, or a scone? I guess a scone wouldn't be too bad, we in America have Jason Biggs f'cking a pie.