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11/08/2002: "My Sassy Girl > Il Mare"

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I've seen the girl from my favorite movie, ''My Sassy Girl,'' somewhere... WTF?! It _IS_ her in the Youme video, ''Sarang Eun Un Jae Na Mok Ma Reu Da.'' Good eye, moO. Oh, Little did I know she also played in that ''Il Mare'' movie! I didn't even notice. You like Asian movies, those are the two to check out. Supposedly in ''My Sassy Girl'' there are a lot of Easter Eggs. I'm trying to look for some on the Wired. It's based off a true story of the director's life that he once posted on some message board. It's like if I decided to write a screenplay of one of my posts here! What are you waiting for, go see it!
Bitching by Adam @ 08:01 PM PST