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11/08/2002: "Rain and Work"

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Lord, did it ever rain yesterday... I'm SO glad I replaced my rear tires. My fronts were ok. I have no idea why, I don't peel out or anything. I hope the kitty at Hockey Workout has some sort of shelter.

Ok, so, I have another temp job. I work at what seems to be some financial company; to be more accurate, a mortgage brokerage of some sort. I do easy filing work. Mindless dum-dum work. All in all, itís WAY better than the last temp job. WAY better than retail or standing and doing nothing. Sure, I get a dollar less per hour. But I'm ok with it since I can sit most of the day and I'm actually doing something. Yesterday was my first day, and it surprisingly went by fast. Today's day did too. That's good. I think I do my small projects pretty fast, maybe a little too fast... LOL, they say I'll be here until Thanksgiving. I hope so; maybe I should pace myself so I don't do three weeks of work in three days...
Bitching by Adam @ 10:13 PM PST