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12/08/2002: "D&B and Tony"

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Friday night was my ''Homie'' party. Where the HELL were YOU!? So yeah we all went to Dave and Busters for some drinks and dinner. Drinks? Adam doesn't drink alcohol, he drinks fruit drinks. Yeah? Shut up. So I had a Cosmo yesterday... I also had a Lemon Drop and a Mind Eraser. The Mind Eraser wasn't as strong as the name. Sad... I over stuffed myself with the Bar Burgers and a sh't load of fries. TRY THE BAR BURGERS! To me, sweet and salty seem counter-intuitive. You know keep one with itself and the other with itself. That's just me. I'm not the type to put salt on watermelon or sugar on pop corn. WEIRD! At least to me, sorry if YOU do it, it's just me... So, yeah, it's a burger with hawaiian sweet rolls... MMMMMMMM Yummie!!!! Try it! If not at D&B Then somewhere!

So, yeah, taking pictures in one of those booths at Dave and Buster's was Tony Hawk. TONY HAWK. I didn't actually shake his had, 'cause I'm a chicken sh't like that, but I just wouldn't wanna disturb someone when they're with their family. So yeah, I didn't approach him in fear of a conversation like this:

Adam: Hey! You're Tony Hawk!
Tony: Yeah, sup. (ok, maybe not ''sup'', whatever)
A: Dude, I, like, play your 4th game, like, EVERY DAY!
T: Thanks, (Muttering) You f'n geek.
A: Hey, how do you pass that goal in San Fran...
T: Listen, kid, I've never played that game, they just scanned me and send me a check, so beat it.
A: Oh, thank you lord skate border. Can I shake your hand?
T: No thanks, I just washed my hands. Go shake that guy's hand, I just shook his.
A: Thank you, thank you!

So in fear of this whole conversation taking place, I didn't bother Mr. Hawk. But I DID shake Anthony's hand, who shook Tony Hawk's hand! So, it's just like I shook Tony Hawk's hand! Oddly Tony isn't as big as I'd think. People around there were totally like, ''Oh... BTW, Tony Hawk is here...'' Like he wasn't anything. No huge crowds around him asking for autographs. I guess not many people know him. I don't even REALLY like skateboarding all that much, but I was stoked to see him! Not every day I see a famous or even semi-famous person... I was wondering why the security was upped that night, it was oddly higher for a regular Friday night. What I guessed is that he made an appearance at Vans down the hall in the mall. Vans is this pretty cool skate park in the mall. Where the hell were skate parks when I was a ''skater''?! You know the whole month somewhere in Freshman or Sophmore year? Ah, screw it, I could barely land a kick flip. Ok, I need to stop lying, I couldn't even land it then. I didn't land one until a couple years ago when I was messing with my brother's board. That's why I tossed my board for tae kwon do belts and ice hockey gear...
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