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12/06/2002: "Oh, yeah... Thanksgiving and My Birthday!!!!"

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I guess I forgot to write about my actual Thanksgiving. I went out to moO's Aunt's house for Thanksgiving dinner, and it turned out to be lunch and dinner. I'm not even accustomed to spending a whole day with my own family, let alone with moO's family. But, moO's sister, niNi, was bringing her BF, Anthony, so I agreed to go. Now, being an ordinary Chinese family, what would I expect to find for lunch/dinner? Yeah, Chinese food. Although it was good (I think everyone loved the MOUNDS of egg rolls), I still coulda used some Stove Top stuffing. Yes, I'm a Stove Top whore. Sad, I can eat Stove Top as a meal all in itself. Then again it's normal for me as I used to eat cream cheese by itself and I used to live off ramen and cup-o-noodles. We all managed to keep ourselves occupied by playing with the new twin babies, playing Warcraft 3 and Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2, or Adam's Dirty Pictionary. Wait, what did I say? Yes, dirty Pictionary. Well, within specific ''family'' oriented parameters. I didn't feel like playing or drawing so I got to make up the zany words and phrases they had to draw. One word was ''homosexual'', I don't remember seeing what was drawn, but I know it got a reaction. I really wish I kept the pictures so I could scan them and put them up here. Oh well, maybe next time. Maybe I'll just leave it up to your imagination now.

So, yesterday was my birthday. Yay! Now its over =( Yesterday, for some odd reason, I woke up at 8 am. Yes, I said 8 AM. I know, I never wake up early. I don't know what it is, but I just woke up at 8. I wasn't anxious about it being my birthday or anything. I just woke up early, that’s all. So, basically I did nothing but stare at the ceiling, watched some TV and stared at the ceiling some more until moO finally came over to give me my present. Her present was that she learned some songs on the piano. You're probably thinking how lame. NOT so. Among the Jay Chow songs, which ARE pretty but I've never heard, she played one of my current favorite songs from the movie ''My Sassy Girl'' called ''I Believe.'' Anyone know who is the artist? It was one of the most unique presents I've ever gotten. 'Cause I know I'm hard to buy for. Who gets something for someone who already buys everything they want?! It was definitely well thought of, and I'm sure it was some work. (no, the rest of you can't give me a mixed tape or learn a piano/guitar/etc. song for a present! Gimmie CASH, I need to save $2k in order for moO to let me buy a turbo kit! I wanna hear the SWoOoOoooSHHHHhh from the blow-off valve on my baby-car!) Thanks moO, I loved it! But, now, you know, you put yourself in a trap and have to play it for me every day!

At 3, I went to Hockey Workout with my brother. Ah good workout. I got to use my new gloves. They're pretty cool, very thick for protection. They look cool too, parts of it look like carbon fiber, LOL. A Rice-Boy's dream.

For dinner the fam, Shia, Ronny, and I went to Olive Garden, and some how I scarfed down some breadsticks, bruscetta (sp?), minestrone soup, and a whole Tour of Italy (it's the plate with three different entrées: breaded chicken w/marinara, fettuccini alfredo and a yummy lasagna), a little piece of chocolate cake, and a big glass and a half of merlot. I don't remember if I ate anything the whole day. Maybe that's why I ate so much. But most of you know I don't eat that much even if I'm hungry. Well, tonight is Dave and Busters, and I haven't eaten anything yet. I wonder how much I can scarf down tonight! Must remember... Eat before alcohol!!! Anyone not on my guest list gonna come see me anyway?! Come have fun with me! =)
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