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12/17/2002: "Hockey Sunday"

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Man, I don't even want to talk about it. We suck. We lost again. We were up 3-0 at the end of the first period. Then lost the game 3-6. How the F'K you manage to do that!???? The last period ended up a penalty fest. Two people almost get into a fight (our league there's no fighting, and the refs break it up before it happens), they both get a penalty. Someone hits someone on our team, gets a penalty. Someone on our team retaliates, gets a penalty. Someone retaliates and cheap-shot checks me from behind, I get REAL pissed. People who know me well know I have the shortest fuse and a mean temper. (yeah people like me and hockey don't belong together) I was THIS close to taking my stick and slashing his neck, but instead of getting kicked out of the league, I wanted to retaliate too. So I checked him from behind too. I didn't get a penalty, but he got kicked out for "intent to harm" and/or "unsportsmanlike conduct". Something like that, I wasn't paying attention to the refs, they sucked all night. I was busy taunting the other team's bench to take it to the streets without their padding to protect them. Yeah, not fun. On top of that, I didn't score any points and managed to keep my +/- at only -2. People say I can't blame the game on the refs. F that, refs are a BIG part of how people play the game, if we're getting beat out there and they do nothing, it really does hurt moral. Losing SUCKS. At least we're not in last place. There's actually a team who sucks MORE! YAY, go my team!
Bitching by Adam @ 10:31 AM PST