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12/22/2002: "Hockey... Saturday?"

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Yeah, we suck. We lost again, this time 4-1. Before the game my Dad yells out my name. I turn around and he points to a big guy in hockey gear. The guy shakes my hand and says something to the lines of, ''Hey, sup. It's me Neil Beckett. Guess I'll be playing against you today.'' And we went our separate ways. I just have to mention that this guy used to live two doors down from me from since I could remember. He left a long time ago, but his Mom still lives there.

So, during the warm-ups, I might add if it isn't so OBVIOUS, are BEFORE the game, I managed to break not one but TWO of my sticks. One of the breaks was on the blade and one was on the shaft. I was so pissed at my sticks, but what good does it do to be mad at inanimate objects? The sad thing was that my brother had just returned a stick in the ''pro shop'' at the same place I was playing just before I had broken mine. What's interesting is both breaks were on slap shots, in which I might add; I'm getting a little better at. I wonder if breaking sticks is a good sign or a bad sign. I had to use my Dad's cousin's stick for the game, which was a lot stiffer than I was used to, I couldn't bend it as much as I would have liked to. Plus I was afraid I'd break his too, LOL. When I got home I just stuck the two good pieces together, like-new!

For some reason I lost wind easier than last game but not as bad as an average. I mean I ran a lot on Wednesday so I supposed that didn't hurt, but I think I should have ran again either on Thursday or yesterday. I won't have a game until next year (1/5/2003) so I better run a lot on my break. Plus, in addition to the holiday food I'll be scarfing down, I had BETTER run!

In the first period, after a whistle, I somehow lost my edge cutting to my right and proceeded to slide sideways toward the net. I must have taken out 2 to 4 guys, both the other team and mine; I'm not sure whom. What's a little funnier is during the game I managed to land on Neil's stick breaking it in two. Not meaning to mind you, but I have a habit of falling at just the right (wrong) times.

I only had two shots on goal this game, and one being a HUGE scoring chance with a short and quick breakaway, shot on net with my back hand and just missed the post by 2 inches. Pooh...

After the game, Neil came to my bench with another guy and said to me, ''Hey, Adam, you remember Simon?'' I was like fo-SHo! How could I not remember him? This guy was in my year in High School and also Neil's younger brother, I've known this guy since like elementary school. Small fricken world. For those that remember him, I hear Simon got married recently.

On the way home we were listening to the radio (98.5 'cause earlier the Sharks game was on, Tie 3-3) and I swear 4 songs in a row was by Queen. From the time I got in the car to the step out of the car was Queen. What's sad is it totally reminded me of the Mighty Ducks. The songs in order were Bohemian Rhapsody, We Will Rock You, We Are The Champions, and Under Pressure. It kinda was depressing, 'cause we didn't rock anyone, and we are the furthest things from champions. Kinda depressing in a way.
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