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12/28/2002: "Sharks Hockey [Pics]"

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Thursday was our annual Sharks hockey day. This is where my parents buy me and my brother the family pack Sharks tickets where they host the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. This year my parents, my brother, moO, Shia, my Uncle Ted, and my brother's teammate's mom went. The family pack tickets include a ticket to the game and free hot dog and drink (no coke, just crappy pepsi). We all know how expensive those things are so actually it's quite a steal, but the thing is you pay for parking which is $13. Sure we could have parked at some other parking lot at some bank or something, but I was too lazy to walk and my mom said she'd pay for parking. I'm never going to see that $13 dollars again. This is what I made my brother dress up in. Mind you it's the SHARKS vs. DUCKS.

philduck1.jpg philduck2.jpg philduck3.jpg
I think my sole purpose is to embarass my brother. So, anyway, the Sharks managed to come out on top this game 4-1. Which is good because the sharks aren't doing too well this season. As of this mandatory holiday break, the Ducks are second and the Sharks are second to last in the Pacific Division. Man, how do you let a Micky Mouse team get higher standings?!
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