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12/30/2002: "For the next month... [Pics]"

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For the next month I'll be wearing this...

adamscrub01sm.jpg adamscrub02sm.jpg
Damn, I need a haircut!

So, why the hell is Adam wearing scrubs. No, I didn't just get my Ph.D. I now work at Stanford Hospital. No, I don't have to touch yucky stuff, but just to be safe they give me scrubs anyway. I work in the Psychological & Behavioral building working with sleep disorders. Maybe I should do some tests on myself, since I never reach R.E.M.

So, what the hell do you do there? Basically, all I do is set up trays, run to the hospital, and set up the sleep rooms; Trays, Adam? Yeah, you know when you go to the dentist the trays with all the tools, toothpaste, picks, and all that other dentist garbage is already on a tray before you got there. Well, I do something like that only I make trays with electrodes, glue, alcohol (not the drinking kind, I wish... It'd make the day go a little faster, maybe even a little more fun... er, fun, period.). Then I go to the hospital to drop off used tools and junk to be sterilized and pick up the previous day's now-sterilized tools and junk. Then I finish the lame day by setting up the rooms before the next wave of insomniacs and narcoleptic people come... j/k I dunno what type of disorders, but I'm sure a few have come in for those. Today was my second day and I get so tired. My feet hurt really bad. Thank god I already have two days off.

Here are the bad points of this job: I stand or walk around ALL day, my parking spot is NOWHERE near my fricken building (it's across a semi-busy street), I work 6 days a week (only 6.5 hours a day), it's so not intellectually stimulating (not that I care about that, I'll rephrase it to ''it's NOT fun work''), I got one day of training and the person who trained me left for her vacation (I'm taking her place for the month) and was trained again today but the guy who trained me today went on his 8 day vacation (WTF?), and worst of all it's a whole month of this! Man I can't wait for Saturday to come for my day off. It's a good thing I get New Years Eve and Day off!

Here's the good: I get money, I can save for my TURBO KIT, I can get moO a better Birthday present this year (at least better than last year's pencil), I can refund my bank from what I spent on Christmas presents, I get money.

Hrm... Doesn't sound like a big argument as to which side my scale is at. I know how I feel about jobs, but I know I gotta wait it out a little, maybe it'll get better...

Bitching by Adam @ 08:47 PM PST

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On Monday, December 30th @ 11:40 PM PST, moO said:
haha *belli jiggle* !! SOME1 takes such weirdo yukki pix lateli!! wtf happened?! =P maybe i should *shoOosh* b4 SOME1 changes his mind about getting me that nifty *ehhh?* mechanical pencil for my birthday *btw, it's on feb 7*!
On Tuesday, December 31st @ 12:30 AM PST, pam said:
ha ha :P
On Tuesday, December 31st @ 11:40 AM PST, Adam said:
Yes, I know when your birthday is, do you know when mine is?! It's the 5th of December NOT the 3rd!
On Tuesday, December 31st @ 06:26 PM PST, moO said:
who says that i was reminding YOU when my birthday is? we both know why i don't make it a big deal 2 celebrate with you anymore anyway. i'm telling anyone who doesn't remember/already know & would give a sh*t when 2 wish me a happi birthday...

& would you mind telling me the real reason *other than you thought i was done with it - how lame?!* why you would post dec 9th's '4 moO' entry, then take it down & think that i wouldn't be offended?! if you don't want other ppl 2 see it, then don't bother to post it up in the first place... *baby roar*

btw, we'll see in about 6 hours if we even hung out for new year's... *sigh*
On Wednesday, January 1st @ 01:29 PM PST, mom said:
you gave her WHAT for her last birthday??????
On Thursday, January 2nd @ 12:14 AM PST, pam said:
stop the violence!