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01/24/2003: "No Work and Sony PS2 Network Adapter CRAP!"

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Yay, I guess... My temp job ended yesterday, and the first thing my sister says is, ''What are you going to do with your useless life now?'' Sad but true, she's right on the money. I don't know. I can't even play Socom all day, but that's another story... Sometimes it sucks moving from place to place. But, in a way I kind of like it. I like learning a bunch of stuff. Now that I've had this job, building trays (Yes, Belle, I build trays... I know I don't explain myself very well most of the time, but come on. :) , I can say I've pretty much done it all. I'm still waiting on NASA to make their decision for me being the next astronaut in space, and Lockheed for that Rocket Scientist position. What puzzles me most is, the last question asked of me before I left the Sleep Clinic was, ''Are you married?'' LOL, I get that a lot. Mostly because of the 24k gold ring I wear on my RIGHT ring finger. (My second ring, I might add). I just say no, not yet. And pretty much leave it as that.

So, yeah. I'm not buying my PS2 Network Adapters from Toys-R-Us anymore. I had another one fail, making it my 3rd one in 2 months. They actually let me return it for a full refund. I still have one that I have to send to Sony to be repaired since it's passed the 30 days for the return or exchange. I might end up buying one of those USB network adapters people talk about. There's a 3rd party adapter that claims to be FOR the PS2, plus it's cheaper so maybe I'll give that a stab. What do I got to lose? Damn you, Sony, for rushing out those adapters!!!
Bitching by Adam @ 07:59 PM PST

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On Tuesday, January 28th @ 12:29 AM PST, pam said:
OMG! i used to work with this freak who wore a wedding ring on his wedding ring finger... but he was not married!!! we don't think he even had a gf...
On Tuesday, January 28th @ 10:39 PM PST, Tanya said:
I did not ask you what you were going to do with your useless life now, I just asked you what you were going to do now, you just added the rest. I'm not mean enough to say something like that to you, maybe Phillip, but hes a different story!