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01/26/2003: "Network Adapter Woes"

Archived Entry:
Ok, so I decided to forget the 3rd party USB Network adapter and just go with the Sony PS2 Adapter NOT from Toys-R-Us. I bought it at Electronic Boutique for the regular price + $5 for a damn extended warranty that allows me to exchange it up to 4 times within a certain amount of time if it ever breaks. Even if it never breaks again, I decided to get the warranty because with my luck, Murphy's Law never works in my favor. So I brought it home and installed it, and so far it works without a hitch, that's the good thing. The BAD thing is: my Socom headset stopped working now. So, today I called up Sony to have the old network adapter and the headset fixed. Luckily, they're both under warranty. So, I can just send it to San Mateo and within 7-10 business days I have it fixed, YAY. So, now WTF am I supposed to do without a Socom headset for 7-10 business days?

Bitching by Adam @ 08:56 PM PST