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01/27/2003: "Sick + Hockey Monday & ''The Getaway''."

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RIGHT after I left moO's house I felt my throat getting really sore, like REALLY fast. Usually, if I get a sore throat it's usually in the morning to give it a little time to come, but this hit me hard and fast. I didn't know how I was going to survive tonight's game...

We took the lead really early in the game, but soon after it was taken away. I hate it when it happens. For the most part of the game it was all even up 1-1. I managed to get another 3min penalty for slashing. I took my stick and hit the other player's stick, and I was called for that. My stick wasn't even high up in the air to get a good hit on the stick. I don't even believe that he dropped his stick. So, I don't know how I got that penalty.

But, the highlight of the game was when there was a REAL fight in front of our net. You almost NEVER see one of these in an adult league like ours. But it was totally NHL quality, INCLUDING BLOOD! :) Too bad it was our guy who spilt it. Sucks that he's suspended for a game for fighting.

Somewhere in the 3rd period, moO came and watched. YAY. But, I still didn't score. My excuse is: 1. she came late and I was already tired and B. I'm sick. Harhar :) My theory still isn't flawed

I was a little worried we had to settle for a tie. It sucks when the whole game is tied at 1-1, or any number. But in the last couple minutes our 1st line takes it to the net and scores a goal creating a lead 1-2. Shortly after the other team pulls their goalie allowing us to score the 'nail in the coffin''. Oh, it's beautiful!

Basically, I was pretty much useless this game, being sick and all. I did manage to pump enough adrenaline to keep moving though. But, I felt it bad when I sat on the bench idle. I could feel myself kind of dosing off. But, hell, I'm not going to miss a game just 'cause I got a little sore throat.

So, Saturday, Shia and I played a little ''Getaway'' on the PS2. It's seems like a cheap wanna-be ''Grand Theft Auto,'' in a way yes, and in others no. My first impression of the game was that it completely sucked. There was no fancy GUI, no controller setup, no map. You're stuck in London alone to find your Wife's killers and Son's kidnappers. The way this differs from GTA3 is that it follows a story, completely. The way it's really similar is that you kill tons of people and steal cars when the one you just wrecked is inadequate. I hate games that don't let you change the control, ESPECIALLY the damn vertical axis. I don't use reversed, I like having up up and down to be down. I'm not flying a plane here, I'm shooting a gun. What, when I point a gun at a something, do I think move my hand down to point it upwards? No, up is up and down is down. Stupid games. However, after figuring out some of the little quirks of the game (one important thing is to lean up against a wall to replenish health) I was hooked. I hope this isn't what I'll be playing with my days of nothingness. Lately, I've been catching myself trying to speak in the British accent. It's kinda funny, kinda sad in a way.

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