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02/02/2003: "All-Stars and Hockey Sunday"

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Wow, the NHL All-Star game was pretty cool, it was pretty even throughout the whole game, score ending regulation at 5 a piece. Viewers witnessed the first overtime shoot-out in an All-Star game. In that same game, a last year rookie, Dany Heatley, broke an all-time NHL record of youngest player to score a hat trick (he beat Gretzky by, I think, a day.), and tied the record for most goals in one game (that being 4 goals). Because of an NHL ruling, Heatley JUST missed tying Mario Lemieux's All-Star record of six points in a game. He scored 4 goals and 1 assist for the five points, and the 6th point would have been in the overtime shoot-out, but League Officials ruled the final score to be 6-5 in favor of NHL WEST, instead of the shoot-out goal score of 8-6. Oddly, Heatley scored the only goal for the East in the overtime shoot-out. Ah, good times. Now we know who's the bestest coast! Another oddly, I thought it'd be the East...

On to more local Hockey news... Thus, ends our NON-losing streak as we took on the undefeated team in our league. We ended the game with a humiliating score of 6-0. I managed to stay even in my +/- until like the last few minutes of the game then they scored a goal making it a -1. Blarg =P <^> I managed to keep my wind for most of the game. I even was a starter right winger! I stayed on a few seconds longer than I should have on many shifts 'cause I couldn't find a good opportunity to get off the ice when my shift was over. LOL, I did manage to draw 2 penalties, one was an interference call, when I had a good sight at a shot on goal when I was tripped/pushed from behind, and the other was when I was at my blue line when a guy basically skated through me and slashed me. YAY ME. I had a few scoring chances this game despite our failure. I few stupid wussy shots. One REALLY mean slapshot. Obviously, nothing but goalie. I had a really good play where I skated up the puck alone and one defenseman, got stuck in the corner passed it to the other winger who had a good shot on goal but got goalie pads. I REALLY thought he was going to score, and my stupidity told me to stay where I was instead of following up his shot. Of course Murphy's law is NOT my friend. After my winger's shot the puck was inches from his far post waiting to be poked in. Where was I? No where near the goal. I just gave up an easy goal. I gotta remember for next time, follow up, damnit. It's not like it's a new thing to me. I've been told this for YEARS for EVERY sport I've played; be it soccer, baseball, bowling, and even martial arts. FOLLOW THROUGH!!! BAH, damnit. Next game I'll score, but, I need a bigger audience than my parents. But, it's nice that they come watch.
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