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01/28/2003: "Hair?"

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In case I didn't tell anyone, if you remember me from high school, you might recall a hairdo that was in with some Asian guys. Yes, I sported it back then. And, hell, I've even changed my hair to it now. Don't know what I'm talking about? Well, no longer is it the days of the F.O.B. hair. Out with the old and in with the... older. LOL. Maybe I can bring it back. Too bad with this hair it makes me look more Viet. I'm not tho, mind you. The good thing is, the visual effect makes my face look thinner. So I dropped a few pounds from my face, yay. Still don't know what I'm talking about? Find a '96 Lynbrook H.S. yearbook and find out for yourself. I'm sure I have a Senior pic archived somewhere. Or, just stick around maybe you'll notice it on my webcam, if i ever decide to use it.
Bitching by Adam @ 02:26 PM PST

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On Tuesday, January 28th @ 04:45 PM PST, jesse said:
what the HELL dood, you DID that? OMfG!!!! I have to see it... and this is just proof that you need to leave San Jose STAT!!!!!!!