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02/17/2003: "Bill Cosby/Simpsons/Pokémon [Vid]"

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Sorry, I just HAD to share this with everyone in my portal on the wired. It's ''Bill Cosby'' on the Simpsons when he talks to a child about Pokémon. This is just about all I'll ever remember about this trip to Washington. Not the hockey, not the Space Needle, not hockey. But, the endless ''Bill Cosby'' impersonations of that clip.
Bitching by Adam @ 08:53 PM PST

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On Monday, February 17th @ 09:02 PM PST, imapussy said:
would you like some jello pudding

pokemon pokemon with the poke and the ball and up and tharrgregrgegrssgrge
On Monday, February 17th @ 09:50 PM PST, pam said:
seattle rocks!
On Tuesday, February 7th @ 06:40 AM PST, Liam said:
thank you. i have been after this for ages and now i have found it, waaaaaaaa