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02/18/2003: "Washington"

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So, my brother, Phillip, is fine, nothing out of the ordinary. But, he didn't get to play his last tournament game. He had to watch from the bench. Oddly, they managed to beat the West Vancouver team. The Canadian team was already in the finals, so, I'm guessing that their game together didn't matter and didn't play to their full potential. Hell, even if I had a game that didn't matter, why not play to win. I wouldn't want a loss on my tournament record. F them, the Blackhawks (My brother's team) wouldn't let the game go and played their hardest and came out on top.

Today seemed like a long day. The team woke up to eat at IHOP at like 9am. That's damn early for me, but this weekend I've been up at about 8am every day, so it's ok. I musta scarffed down a ton of food, 'cause I didn't feel too well after that. I ate some pigs-in-a-blanket, hash browns, ham, and sausages. Everything. I seldom eat too. Must'a been hungry.

After, we stopped over at the ice rink to check out the finals between the two Canadian teams. Being the ass I am, I yelled out ''GO CANADA,'' knowing that both teams were from Canada. One of the mom's from our team (lol, like it's my team, whatever) looked at me funny. It was a pretty even and good-to-watch/interesting game. All even after the 3rd period it went into sudden-death overtime. Both teams fought hard, but the Canada team came up on top. Sorry, if that wasn't funny... to make things easier, the team that beat our team 6-0 took the championship. Bah, everyone was rooting for the team we beat 2-1. I din't really care, LOL. I just like watching hockey. It be a better game if it were some USA vs. Canada team at least. Whatteva!

After that we went over to Downtown Seattle to check it out. I have only a few things to say about Washington. Have enough Starsucks and Subways here? I know Starsucks came from here, I didn't know if Subway did. I don't even like Subway, them and their jankie 4 slices of meat and cheese. Support your local Togo's today. We went through the Pikes Place, some outside market thingamajig. We got to see the famous fish throwing place. Sorry, I'm not too good with names. So, there... At the market they had tiles paved into the ground where you can have your name engraved into it. I thought that was a pretty cool idea, hardly the thing I'd spend my money on, but neat none the less. After wandering about, we sat down to eat at the local Quizno's whilst the 'rents ate at some oyster place, I think it was Brooklyn Seafood. I dun eat oysters, so toasted 'wiches sounded good. After eating at Quizno's, the 'rents weren't finished dining at their snot-in-a-shell restaurant, so we sat outside in the rain. It was ok because we entertained ourselves with the fountains outside a Metro. I forget what that place was called, maybe some ''remembrance stone'' or something. We spent time tossing coins into the fountains trying to skip it into a lower fountain then onto passing cars. Then some how got to the point where one of us would hold a Quizno's cup and pretend to be homeless while one person would knock over the homeless person and steal his money, ala Jackass style. As we were setting this up the 'rents came out of the restaurant. Bah. That's how it always is.

After which, we hung out at the airport to see off a big part of the team. While there we saw a bunch of news crews roaming around looking for people who were stuck there because of that big storm on the east coast. I decided it would be funny if the reporters came up to me I'd say, ''Yes, I'm going to the east coast. I'm flying to Hawaii. now, I'm stuck.'' Lucky for me AND them, I was never asked. There was a guy napping with a baby on his shoulder close to us and he got filmed for a few secs. Later my parents saw him on TV. Man, I was so close. While checking in one teammate, there was a camera aimed toward our direction (maybe we WERE on TV after all!), I so wanted to scream out the annoying ''Bill Cosby'' impersonation we've heard all day. Heh, I didn't, but it would have been pretty funny to see on the news!

Tomorrow, we leave for home. It couldn't come any sooner. Getting out of the city is cool (I never really get out of the city, let alone state), but home is better, despite the ever so comfortable hotel room beds (I sleep on a futon). We were gonna go drive to Canada but we didn't have birth certs or passports and didn't wanna risk not being able to come back, I kept saying, ''Bah, let's just go. It ain't friggin' Mexico...'' LOL. Bah, maybe next time. I really wanted to go to Canada. YOU'RE gonna bring me next time, eH? Time to watch the replay of the Sharks game on ESPN before I go to sleep. Everyone wish me a safe flight home and I'll talk to you then.
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