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03/11/2003: "Enemy Of The State [Link][Pics]"

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Earlier today, before the weird blackout of several blocks around my house, moO and I watched Enemy of the State. I really enjoy that movie, me being the technophile that I am... (moO told me about that word, I didn't even know that technophile was a word! I was wrong. Sounds kinda scary, like I should go and f'ck my computer or something. Then again read the Dictionary definition) Anyway, what scared me today was when I was wandering the Wired, like I always do, I wandered myself onto the MapQuest page. I'm no stranger to Mapquest, as I frequently use MapQuest to not actually get to my designation but to get myself lost. This time, I decided to put my address in the map option and clicked ''ariel view.'' It gave me these photos:

My%20House My%20House My%20House
Can you tell me which house is mine?

Does this scare anyone else? Especially, after watching Enemy of the State, you kind of wonder how much power our government really has, especially at times such as this. Just remember, they're watching...
Bitching by Adam @ 12:31 AM PST

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On Tuesday, March 18th @ 12:19 AM PST, Linhy said:
Hey Adam=) I haven't talked to alot of people in awhile=) But I'm glad you dropped by! Catching up on your journal now. Hmmmm.... that lil house on the left is yours=)