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03/17/2003: "Hockey Sunday"

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Today was our first and last playoff game of the season. Within the first 30 seconds a goal was scored against us. Hrm, not a good start. I managed to break both of my skate laces before the drop of the first puck, so while tieing my skates I managed to miss what happened. I think that was the sh'ttiest biased refed game I've ever played. The same guy who skated through me the other game, still skated through me this game like I wasn't even there. But, the last shift I was on, I got him pretty good. I was trying for a good clip and got real low and push up for a hip check. Imagine the cool flip-checks they do in the Mighty Ducks. But, then as I started to go over our bench he back checks me, but nothing is called. Then one of our guys checks him and he gets called for a 3rd-man-in penalty, which constitutes a ~7 minute penalty and you get kicked out of the game. I served his penalty because after that hit I didn't have any strength for another shift, and plus I don't think there was even enough time for another shift for me. However this wasn't our only ejection. Our captain was ejected in the second period for God know what. The refs were being A-holes and were calling everything wrong. I don't even know how many penalties were in our favor versus else. Completely unfair calls, sure they were still out playing us, but it might help our moral just a tad if the calls were somewhat fair. Prob not. After our captain was ejected in the second, we went all out, full check, at least without getting caught by the zebras. Bah, were out of the playoffs. But, I hear they're getting bumped to a higher division, them being undefeated and all. On the upside of hockey, at least we had a chance, the Sharks... That's another story. Another up? Summer season is around the corner, starts first weekend in April! So to those who didn't get to see me last weekend, have more chances soon.

Oh, and I never got a chance to apologize to Belle, apparently she was there at my game last week and 1. I didn't see her in the stands 2. She asked for me after the game and I had already left. Sorry, Belle.
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