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03/18/2003: "Friday Day Trip To SF [Pics]"

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It started out a drab yucky Friday when moO and I drove to SF to meet up with her HS chums and their BFs. We walked around Ghirardelli Square, and at the shop moO had a mocha and we both had a chocolate covered strawberry.

We met up with Yuko and Olivia and their BFs at a restaurant that I'm not allowed to disclose almost around the corner from Ghirardelli Square. It was definitely upper class though. I was really craving the lobster, but, duh, do I have the money? Definitely not. I took one look at the menu and asked moO if she wanted to share a plate. Her reply was that it would be too jankie if we did. Later in the night we find out that the couple with the most money and had jobs shared a platter, I then turned to moO with a dirty look like, ''WTF? We could have saved some money and shared a plate.'' But, then again, I am a hard person to share anything with. I got the pesto with some noodles which was really good.

But, before dinner, I ordered the Caesar salad that I THOUGHT was safe. I took one bite of my salad and chewed slower and slower, and moO looked at me and knew what I was going to say next. ''It tastes a little fishy...'' was my response to the salad. Who knew it would have anchovies in it? Well, I knew that the Caesar dressing is made from Worcestershire Sauce and is made with anchovies too. But, no where on the menu did it list that there were bits of anchovies in the salad. All the other restaurants that I've EVER been to had anchovies in it. Then again how many upper class citizens eat at Carrows...

I had 3 drinks that night. I started with a Cosmo (Cranberry Martini), then went to the Adam-standard Lemon Drop. I was disappointed with both of those drinks as they tasted watered down. Olivia agreed, she got an Appletini and it, too, was watered down. I decided for my 3rd and final drink a Midori Sour. It turned out all right. I was just having a bad day with food... Well, at least the chocolate strawberries were good!


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On Tuesday, April 1st @ 12:28 AM PST, pam said:
ha ha... adam likes girlie drinks! dig the ass in the pic! :P rooster t. feather's had the worst drinks! they taste like **** and didn't seem to have much alcohol in 'em.
On Tuesday, April 1st @ 12:32 AM PST, pam said:
dammit adam, why the **** are my comments censored? lame.
On Tuesday, April 1st @ 01:20 AM PST, Adam said:
How many times do I have to tell you, NO F***ING SWEARING ON MY F***ING PAGE. I use this and my other sites as a s***ty f***ing portfolio for my f***ing resume. So F***ING stop it. JESUS TAP-DANCING CHRIST!
On Tuesday, April 1st @ 01:35 AM PST, Adam said:
P.S.: No, you're lame.