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03/18/2003: "Family Sunday B-Day Party [Pics]"

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Sunday was my sister's family birthday party. We went up to Dublin to my maternal grandparents house. As soon as I got there I stuffed myself with meatballs 'cause I didn't have much time before my cut-off time where I couldn't eat before hockey. Yeah, I had hockey that same day. My mom claims I didn't even tell her about the playoffs... mmmhhhmmmmmm sure... So my short time there, the cousins and the siblings hung out in the ''kids'' room playing with the piano and any other stuff we could get our hands on, including throwing an empty Yoplait yogurt cup at each other and have it splatter all over the walls. I couldn't even stay for food, presents or cake... Basically, I wasn't there for anything LOL.

Before you ask, someone always does. The baby below is NOT my child. LOL. This is Hayley, my cousin. On the far right holding her, is my sister, Tanya.

Hayley Starting Hayley off with Coke early. Hayley with a Coke. Hayley with a Coke. Hayley and Me Hayley and Tanya

Bitching by Adam @ 10:45 PM PST

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On Sunday, May 25th @ 02:27 AM PST, youu sister said:
How come you always put up f***ed up pictures of me on here, like the one where I look retarded blowing water out of my cup, at dad's Christmas party. Just wait, I'll put embarassing pictures of you when you were a baby, or in the bath tub or something. HAhaha I'll find a way!!!
On Sunday, May 25th @ 05:47 PM PST, Adam said:
No worries... 1. You? Computer/web stuff? HA! 2. I can delete anything I want here... You lose.