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03/19/2003: "Ghirardelli Pt. 2 [Pics] [Link]"

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Yesterday was my sister's actual birthday. We took a limo to Ghirardelli Square to eat at the McCormick and Kuleto's in the Ghirardelli Square. In the car we watched an old childhood favorite of mine, ''Pee-Wee's Big Adventure''. You know it's sad when you can remember all of the lines to a Pee-Wee movie...

This place didn't seem as fancy as the one we went to on Friday; regardless, this time I got half my mom's lobster and ordered a filet mignon with scalloped potatoes. I did NOT order any Caesar salad tho. However, all of the food was infested with fungi... I am, of course, referring to my arch-nemesis, mushrooms. Mushrooms were everywhere. The restaraunt even tried to hide it underneath a layer of potatos! Try and trick me will ya....

While there I tried another lemon drop. I don't think the waiter thought I was over 21, cause the drink tasted oddly too much like plain lemonade. I made up for it at dessert when I ordered an apple crisp and a glass of Hennesey XO... The waiter stuttered for a minute when he asked me if I'd prefer a VS or something else. I replied with, ''The XO is fine, thanks.'' Well, when the bill came my mom's eyes grew as she mouthed to me ''TWENTY-NINE DOLLARS?'' Hrm... Maybe I should learn to look at the prices before I order drinks that are ''recommended'' with the dessert... I guess I made up for the crappy watered down drinks I got with moO...

Limo Limo Limo Limo Limo Limo Limo

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On Tuesday, April 1st @ 12:22 AM PST, pam said:
what do you have against mushrooms? i just used the word "nemesis" this weekend!
On Tuesday, April 1st @ 01:15 AM PST, Adam said:
I don't like them, you have a problem with that? Too bad.