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05/20/2003: "Puah! Here's The Damn [Pics]"

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car%20poo-poo bah%20crap whos%20gonna%20help%20me%20fix%20it?%20LOL%20:(

OKOK, so it's NOT SO bad. Not as bad as I claim it to be. But, SO WHAT. It's my car, not yours. So, FU! <^>
Bitching by Adam @ 04:52 PM PST

Replies: 3 People Bitched

On Monday, May 26th @ 01:28 AM PST, pam said:
you think your life sucks... i just got back from the city where some scum broke my window and stole my car stereo and my cds (they were ALL burned... sucker!!!) :x mf... they also took the owner's manual to the car (but NOT the stereo) and my garage door opener... i was totally paranoid that they also came to my house, but so far it's okay... i reset the garage door codes so they can't get in...
On Monday, May 26th @ 01:42 AM PST, Adam said:
You have income and insurance. Need I say more?
On Monday, July 19th @ 02:13 PM PST, who cares said:
thats why asians dont drive.....ahaha