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05/20/2003: "Hockey Sunday"

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OK so it wasn't our best game, and hell, we didn't even win. But we played HARD, and wouldn't let them win easy... Or at least as easy as we let some games go last season. Best thing, I played pretty good and hard myself. Last period, I was tripped and fell flat on my back hard. Took me a few seconds, and I felt it bad. I used my stick to get up, and became part of the play again. This time I had the puck and crashed the net hard (not into the net, it's just a phrase), got a shot off, and basically had to dive over the goalie to not run into him and slid past the goal to the side. I look back towards the goal to see the Ref point to the goal. GOAL! Yay. I scored, finally. First this season, and hopefully not last. At least I'm finally out of my slump! Well, time to work out and train harder so I can play better next week. Maybe YOU can come see me play next week too!
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On Thursday, May 22nd @ 08:57 AM PST, Silver said:
congrats on the goal dude! and ouch about the car... tha's gonna cost ya... over $70 canadian for me just to replace the stupid colored plastic thingy that goes over the lights... that looks bad..