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05/27/2003: "Hockey Saturday"

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My slump is officially over. This weeks game I scored the first and our only goal making my record 2 weeks with a point scored. After this goal, I thought we were set. But, I was wrong, that was too bad. I thought we were doing really strong despite the lack of players this week. I guess on long weekends people with money go out of town. I had several chances for my first hat trick of this league but failed bad. My first attempt I had a break away, skated to the goal, the goalie skated towards me to challenge, I deke to the right, goalie commited to the right, I pulled the puck to the left and skated behind him to shoot the puck and SCORE! ... whilst falling to my knees sliding to the far post. Not perfect, but it was a goal right? On other attempt, I had another break away on the far right side of the ice, I came to the center for a better angle took a shot and, *PING* right side of the right post - WIDE, damnit. Oh well. I got one goal that game. Oh, did I mention it was a shorthanded goal? Nice. Well, hopefully, I'll play even better next week... It's a Monday game, 9:45PM and I gotta wake up the next morning to take care of the puppies. I hope I can wake up.
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