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05/27/2003: "Kitties, Too!"

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moO's family found a little family of strays(?) under one of their properties. It's a mommie cat and 4 babies that look about 4-6 weeks old. They managed to get 2 babies out from under the house; a black and white, and white-orangish one. At first they were not friendly, but on the phone I told moO, ''No worries, I can tame them. Kitties like me.'' She didn't believe me. But, I did! At first they hissed, a sure sign they haven't had much human contact. But, after a few minutes of putting my fingers in front of them and trying to calm them down to assure I wouldn't hurt them, I picked up the white one; which I sort of dubbed Muffin 'cause she looks like how a white cake muffin looks like it comes out of the oven, white with a little orange. Today, moO brought over the kitties to my house to frolic on the grass in our backyard in the sun. After a while we brought them inside where they poo-pooed on my comforter, which I'm washing right now. Everyone who knows me knows, or SHOULD know, I'm a cat person. I love cats, and I love kitties. These two really grew on me. I would love to keep them, but I know I wouldn't be able to take care of them. I'm sure I'd have the time in a month when I sit at home once again. But, they won't get along with our current cat residents, Tiger and Sammie. So, these, the Mommie cat, and the other 2 kitties need a home, SOON! I would hate to bring them to the SPCA only to have the kitties taken from their Mommie and the Mommie cat left there, OR scenario 2 they all get put asleep cause they can't get a home. I can't EVER watch them put a kitty to sleep EVER again. It's so traumatizing. Yeah, I'll put some pics up later on tomorrow... today... eR, Later...
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