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05/27/2003: "Paintball Sunday"

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This weekend the guys and I went paintballing. We invited a bunch of people but only ended up being the usual 3 of us.

But, I should have taken it as a sign, as it was to be a bad day. We started the day as usual, but I just seemed to suck really bad. I know I haven't played in like a week, but I really sucked. Most of the games in the beginning I got tagged with a headshot, without even shooting a single shot, and when I did, my gun would jam up or shoot three at a time. So, I sucked AND I was having gun problems. During the lunch break I took apart my gun to find my ball stop broke and I was missing a trigger spring. I fixed it and finally my gun was stable again. However, my game AND health wasn't.

Before the lunch break, my eye allergies blew up. After the lunch break and with my gun fixed I played again only to have to stop again because my nose got all stuffed up. In addition my throat began to swell and I was unable to speak like normal. With my hoarseness we decided to call it a sh'tty day and go home early. Later that evening I saw on the news that the allergy season is really bad this season. How can I disagree? Hopefully, next paintball session will prove more entertaining.
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On Tuesday, May 27th @ 09:57 AM PST, gin said:
are u gonna add pix of the kitties?