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06/23/2003: "Hockey Sunday"

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As per Sean's request, here is the game review on time...

TEAMS1st2nd3rdTOTALShots On Goal
Misfits 101219
SJ Wolves101230

So, last week, we beat the second place team. This week, we went against the FIRST place team. Early in the first period, my first shift actually, I get checked and didn't expect it and my head was down so I kinda got my neck scrunched in and somehow moved the front of my helmet to burn the bridge of my nose. I think we played very well especially considering the opposing team was hungry for the win against a team like us. Then again I don't think we were playing smart hockey, taking penalties when we shouldn't. Part of the game right? Well in the first period, they scored the first goal. Okay, don't get discouraged too soon in the game, it's way too early. Then, I got a winger behind the opposing net (Joe) and the other winger (Marshall) beside me in front of the net. Pass up front and I score! Snuck it in the 5 hole (between the goalie's legs). Getting late in the third the other team scores again. Are we out of it yet?! No. I have 2 scoring chances but I suck so I didn't convert. I whiffed a one timer that should have been an easy goal, and one was when I split the D and tried to shoot but all I got was D pads. I shoulda passed it back to Marshall, but I thought I had a clear shot. Lucky for me and the rest of the team our D man, Sean (I think) came up with a nice laser guided rocket to even things up. Horn sounds, and we have to settle for a tie. Not bad for a tied-for-second-to-last-place-team against the first place team. Bah, now we have to play another game THIS Tuesday. I hope I'm not too tired and I hope I can heal my messed up knee too. Yeah I forgot to mention when I whiffed that one-timer I fell to my knees and messed up my right knee a little. Oh well. Hockey week, this week. Got a game Saturday too. Come watch!
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