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06/25/2003: "Hockey Tuesday"

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Lookie here, two times in a row, a post right after a game. Just for you Sean.

TEAMS1st2nd3rdTOTALShots On Goal
Misfits 310432
The Force111532

Crap, the guys on my team know about my blog now. Maybe they didn't remember my URL. Then again my email address that I have for the Evites is my URL... Great, now I have to watch who I talk sh*t about, ahahahah j/k. Maybe I'll just talk crap about Sean, from now on. LOL He can take it. (Just a warning to you new people, hockey or random web passer-byer, I don't know how to spell and I don't care about spell check and I don't care about grammar. Do you? Go read a book. Muhahahahah)

So, these guys are named the Force, right? Why were they all wearing the Penguins jerseys? I guess it could be worse, could be like us. Some matching jerseys, some not. But, it kinda makes sense, we're Misfits (not the band, the ice hockey team) we like not matching, heh. Ok, onto the game...

I think we're do WAY better at working as a team. Much better than last season. That is everyone but me LOL sure I got an assist today, I noticed I tend to take shots I shouldn't, and should pass it. My vision gets all cloudy when I get the puck and I see an opening I can take, only to have it blocked by a defenseman. Bah. However in my defense, I DID manage to score a goal today, making it a 2 point game. It was a nice screen, thanks to their defenseman, shot to the high post glove side nothing but net. Thank God, or whatever you believe in, it was nothing but net; during the warmups I hit posts (not on purpose). Ever since High School I have a habit of hitting posts. They have magnets I tell you!

I kinda got scared during the game when they were slowly starting to come back. I didn't want to see a WAY hard earned first period to to waste with a LOSS on our score card. Good thing we toughed it out had good positioning, good fowards, good D, and did i mention EXCELLENT goalie work? Damn, on one shift, when my line went to the bench, I looked back to our side of the ice when the other team had a 1 on 0 breakaway and there was no one with a black jersey around. I proceded to chase him. I didn't quite catch up with him but luckily our goalie, Rich, stoned him good. But, I spent too much energy on that one shift. I'm wondering if it were the beginning of that shift, could I have caught him? If I went to the bench when I SHOULD have, could my replacement caught him? I'll never know and I made a judgement call and came out lucky. Thanks for the shot-stops, esp that one, Richard...

Things got a little nippy at the end of the game. Not sure really what happened. I know there were a lot of useless pushes and shoves during the last minutes of the game from both parties. LOL didn't someone say (I think it was BEFORE the game) that there wasn't any teams/players you couldn't get along with this season? LOL (I'm paraphrasing of course) Hey... Check it out, Rematch July 13 LOL
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