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07/01/2003: "Sesame Street [MP3s]"

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After a conversation with moO, I decided to upload a few songs for this month's download instead of just the normal one. If you even care and notice ANYTHING on my sidebar on the right.

moO says that because of no more public funding there might not be anymore Reading Rainbow or Sesame Street. Can you even begin to imagine talking to kids in the near future about a giant talking yellow bird, a little annoying red monster you want to kick the sh*t out of, and a suffleupagus, and the kid would just look at you funny because he has no idea what you're talking about? Then again they do have some other weird kid shows. Does gay, purple, triangle-on-the-head, ''magic'' bag wearing, weird looking, ring a bell?

I mean, we already sadly lost one childhood neighbor.

Do we really need old episodes of This Old House, Charlie Rose, Newshour with Jim Lehrer, or Kiss Me Kate on KETH or KQED? I mean for some reason I grew up on This Old House and seeing them fix old houses seem a little intriguing (at least to me), but come on, I can see that on HGTV.

Sesame Street is where MOST of us learned how to count, what near and far is, green mosters who live in garbage cans are mean and talk to worms, learned that 2 males can co-habitat an apartment as well as share a bathtub with each other and the whole street and still be able to be ''hetro'' (I think) and be able to talk to each other the next day, and learned how to spell. Some of us still need Sesame Street...

To anyone out there with a lot of money, save our Sesame Street and Reading Rainbow. Geordi La Forge needs your help to keep his job since he lost his post on the Enterprise.
Bitching by Adam @ 01:57 AM PST

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On Tuesday, July 1st @ 09:53 AM PST, jesse(sauce) said:
the 123... song is the best of course, damn hippies, teaching us about da FUNK...

agree with you, my man, but the News Hour is the only real news on TV these days.. maybe kids should watch that too...
On Tuesday, July 1st @ 10:58 AM PST, Adam said:
What I want to know is what happened to that McNiel guy that used to be on that show? Is he still alive?