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06/30/2003: "Paintball [Pics] [Links]"

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So, yesterday I took my brother (Phillip) and his friend, Dustin, to go paintballing at the usual spot. Stupid me I forgot my damn mask and I had to rent a sh*tty rental mask. Those things are SO sh*t. If you ever plan on going paintballing, just buy your own. Rental masked are so scraped up and the fog like a motherf*cker. The whole day I was pissed off about that. As for my game, I had a decent day. I managed to get a few kills and got a really nice ''bunker'' on some unsuspecting guy advancing forward and I snuck behind him without letting him hear me. Damn, I should be a SEAL. Another time, I believe it was Congo (The middle field? Help me out guys.), We were on the left side and up the hill, I notice that we were getting flanked so I tried to go behind them but end up getting stuck in the bushes. My whole team got wiped out and I'm stuck with no cover fire. I hid behind a bunker as the other team from both sides of me shot at each other. I waited until one unsuspecting player advanced forward crossing my path and I stupidly popped up (instead of just staying low and shooting from the bunker), I got a head shot on him, and then I got bunkered. Luckly this time my throat didn't swell up and I didn't need my maxair inhaler. However, all three of us found a few ticks on our bodies. LOL Dustin had one almost burrow into his skin, he actually started to bleed where it was. Phillip, had like 3 of them on him. I only found one on me while I was in IIS on Cottle. The weather was SO much better than I thought it was gonna be. It's been like in the high 90s to 100s here in SJ. But luckly on Sunday, it was maybe in the 70s. Lucky.

Today, me and Phillip set up out back yard to practice snap shooting (popping your head out of a ''bunker'', shooting, and quickly getting back into cover). LOL SO much paint in our back yard. It took us a while to clean everything. I finally wasted all my yellow paint. I say waste because TAG only allows white paint. I got my brother really good on his side several times, and MANY head shots. He got me ONCE really good in the crotch LOL. First shot out of a round start and he shoots me in the crotch and I'm down. Stung like a motherf*cker. Luckly doesn't hurt now. Here is our ghetto backyard. LOL we should spend the couple bucks for the professional airball field.

Ghetto Paintball Field Ghetto Paintball Field Ghetto Paintball Field

Hrm, the pictures are a little dark. Oh, well.
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On Monday, May 17th @ 08:50 AM PST, kevin tomlanovich said:
lol i am lucky i have my own field! i check ur website often-*kevin8-oakland assasins pintball team-