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08/23/2003: "Playoffs - Game One - Part Two"

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TEAMS1st2nd3rdTOTALShots On Goal
Misfits 301430
The Force110229

Something to learn, don't play in the playoffs with DQed players or if you don't know if your players were DQed. Although, I think we played just about the same people anyway. Only THIS time we had many of our absent players and were ready to earn that "W" fair and square.

We started out fiercely with a 2-1 lead in the first period, one being mine =). It was a big mess in front of the opposing goal, I got the puck, took a shot, basically hit the goalie in the shoulder and it some how ricochet behind him crossing the goal line, yay goal for me.

In the second period (I think), I decided to get up in the goalie's face, 'cause he was in mine. Basically, I was pushed into him, he bitched, I bitched back to him saying I was pushed into him, he further bitched that I should have stopped, I bitched even further saying how could I stop if I was pushed. Yeah... We both got unsportsmanlike conduct penalties for that. I think it's lame that goalies don't have to serve penalties, why should they not do the time if they do the crime. So basically I totally got under his skin, 'cause in the penalty box, I still taunting the goalie and I know he saw me. To further acknowledge that I got under his skin, he came to me at our bench and try to explain he wasn't complaining about me, or whatnot, I don't think he got his point across 'cause I still don't think I did anything wrong. I still just wanted to go at it with the goalie, 'cause you don't just get in my face when I know I'm right. I wonder if I could kick out a goalie that way... Ah, the possibilities...

It's funny, because for a long while Sean and I haven't had a penalty, and somehow we served both of our penalties roughly the same time. HA. Too bad they don't note the penalty minutes on the Logitech Ice webpage. I don't even think they have my points right. I'm missing a goal. Ha, I'm obviously a points junky.

I managed to end the game with 2 goals and a +1. My second goal was kinda awarded to me 'cause it was another mess in front of the goal, only this time the goalie was on top of the puck and was basically in the net and the puck passed the goal line. The goal was awarded to me by our captain, Kelly, 'cause he said I was the last one to touch it. After the goalie got in my face, I so wanted my first hat trick in this league to be on him. But, alas, it'll have to be another day.

So what's the moral of the story, boys and girls? Don't play if you don't know if you have DQed players. Maybe next time we won't be so nice and give you another chance. HA. Next game, Sunday 8/24 8:15PM North Ice.
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