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08/25/2003: "Playoffs - Game Two"

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TEAMS1st2nd3rdTOTALShots On Goal
Misfits 232737
Charleston Chiefs100120

I'll keep it quick 'cause despite my being unemployed still and I rarely ever wake up early (especially the morning after a hockey game), i have to wake up early tomorrow... er, today... In a few hours. Lazy sits in when you don't do sh*t with your life. But, tomorrow I have a allergy/asthma study appointment and a dentist appointment both actually scheduled for 30 minutes apart and the study takes like 2 hours. So, I gotta wake up early tomorrow to do the study early.

Oh, the game. Playing the second place team may be intimidating; for us, we worked hard to make it seem like we're fearless. After being let down early in the first period by a goal from the other team, we wouldn't let it completely stop us in our tracks, and after 7 unanswered goals we were on top of the world... for now.

Grabbing an assist in the second to my center, Mike, he was nice enough to return the favor in the third period when he gave me the puck where I shot a no-looker off the back hand and scored.

Having my lady finally in the stands after a long time of no shows, makes me play better =). Or worse, depends on what you think. On top of my 2 point game, I managed to grab myself 2 penalties, roughing and hooking. Hey, Sean kept his cool and didn't get any, LOL. The hooking I can't really explain, the guy just skated into my stick and got stuck. I should have dropped my stick, but I didn't - my fault, bah. However, my roughing penalty was pretty lame. I guess somehow we connected and he didn't like it and took a shot at my head and I stood there and talked sh*t like, "what's your problem?" I don't really know why I got a penalty. The guys said I caught myself basically in mid swing. You don't normally take a swing at me without me beating the sh*t out of you. Consider yourself crazy lucky. I'm not sure, but I think he was the guy who got kicked out in the middle of the 3rd period and we were on a 9 minute power play, LOL.

So, on to round three. Can the team who started out the season 0-5 make it all the way?! I hope so. Tune in next time, Mon, Aug 25 @ 9:30PM Logitech Ice - South Rink
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