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08/30/2003: "Playoffs - Game Four - Finals"

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TEAMS1st2nd3rdTOTALShots On Goal
Misfits 100127
SJ Wolves121415

And that ends a great season. Maybe next time we can win the championship game. A big part of the game we were tied at 1. Some how we let it slip away. Last time we tied them with a full bench, this time we were missing a few. I don't want it to seem like an excuse or anything, or blame anyone, but I'm sure we could have won if we constantly had fresh legs on the ice. Maybe not, who knows. Maybe we would have still lost. But, then, maybe we would have won. Either way, how we played our final game this summer season was full of valor. Ok, maybe not valor, but really strong down to the last minute where it looked like Joe wanted to pick a fight with someone, what was up with that, Joe? LOL. Well, great season guys. Lets see if we can skill all the losses in the beginning of the season and just go to the wins!!! LOL

On a separate note... Damn, another goalie got up in my face again. I'm going to take less and less from them next season. If a goalie starts to talk sh*t to me about watching out and not hitting them when I KNOW I'm pushed into them and can't do anything about it myself, you can be sure a fist will be thrown. F*ck if you can't take a hit, you p*ssy, don't play hockey. I don't care if you're a goalie, don't talk sh*t to me if YOUR f'n teammate pushes me into you. If it's my fault and I could control how I skate fine. But if you talk sh*t to me and it's NOT my fault be ready for my uppercut to the f'n chin you GD p*ssy. Anyone know any goalies in the league better warn them I don't like being sh*t talked to when there was nothing I could to. Ph4g. FU Ahole. I'm gonna try to get a goalie kicked out next season, thats my goal. I goalies think they have too much power, untouchable. I understand the whole no check/contact to the goalies, but if there's nothing I can do, and someone pushes me into them WTF am I supposed to do about it? Bah. It's hockey, a contact sport. If you can't take a hit on the ice go golfing, go bowling, play solitaire, or maybe you can find something a p*ssy would do.
Bitching by Adam @ 11:09 PM PST