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08/26/2003: "Lightning"

Archived Entry:
Right after the game, I looked to the southeastern sky to see a huge blast of light. It wasn't raining, so it was a little weird. I thought it was either a lightning bolt or a nuclear explosion. HA. My dad said it was humid, but I couldn't tell when I got out of the rink, 'cause I was already hot and sticky from the game.

Shortly after we got home, the lightning was picking up so Shia, moO and I got some Carl's Jr. and went up to Parker Ranch in the Saratoga Hills to check out the lighting storm. Apparently everyone already thought of it cause people were leaving the top, and when we got there we were greeted by the Saratoga Sheriffs. We turned around and stopped halfway down the hill and parked on the side of the street with a decent view. I wish I brought a camera 'cause it was a nice sight. It must have been pretty far away, because up in the Saratoga hills, I only heard one little rumble.

After finishing out Carl's junk food we went home. While trying to sleep, that's when the rain picked up, and finally in came the thunder. I liked the lightning, but I don't think moO appreciated it. Thunder and lightning is scary.

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