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09/07/2003: "Hockey Saturday - Pre-Season, Game 1 of 2"

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TEAMS1st2nd3rdTOTALShots On Goal
Misfits 204623
SF Lynx210324

Yeah, it was a shame Sean wasn't at the game tonight, (Yeah, right. He's in Hawaii and will miss the other pre-season game too) he woulda had a field day with this team. We played a team that was 2 divisions below us. Apparently, they have a few ringers. You could actually see that a few of the other team members didn't belong in this division, good and bad.

I managed to get 2 penalties today. Ha, I have to let it out of my system early, all before the actual season begins. After I scored a goal I was checked from behind, so I got up and pushed the guys head behind me away from me and both of us were called. I just laughed all the way to the box. The second was just some bullsh*t that he wanted to pick a fight with someone smaller than he 'cause he's a big p*ssy. LOL, I had to have a ref hold me back. Lucky you, punk b*tch.

Before I forget, they did the cutest little group huddle and yelled "break" or "lynx" or whatever before the game and at the intermissions. You know, the kinda thing you did when you were like 10 years old. I just had to make a comment like "aw, how cute." LOL, sarcastically of course...

Kinda funny thing, we were short benched in the first period, and then it was like we got reinforcements when the two Riches and one of the Joes game in. (Did I miss anyone?) It was kind of like, oh you're in the lead? Here comes the Cavalry...

Well, I can't wait for next week. We have a sorta rematch vs. the team we played in the finals last week. Maybe we'll have a full team this time? Everyone who missed today better get there asses back in town and play, HA. Oh, and it's nice to have our captain back on the ice. Way to heal, Kelly.
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