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09/10/2003: "Lego Video Game"

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So, after four days off of work, I get back and find I'm no longer working on Command and Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour Expansion. BOOOOOO. (I have to buy C&C soon, after I get a new comp that can handle it, and ZH when it comes out! But, I know moO will kill me) I'm now working on EA's new Lego game called Bionicle. Ah, the greatest thing about my job, other than playing video games for 8 hours, is the fact that I get to play games (and beat it too, heh) that I would probably not likely ever dream about playing. Well, that's a little harsh but somewhat true. I don't think I would have rushed out to the store and bought this game. I think there are only a few games I WOULD rush out and buy; maybe a Final Fantasy series, or a tactical espionage game like Metal Gear Solid or Socom, maybe even an Everquest expantion LOL ...(wait, I hear they just made one live yesterday)... Bionicle is just some adventure game which stars the robots famed from those little blocks we used to play with as kids. But, now they have robots? That's not Lego-ish, HA. It's a VERY basic game, easy, but very trying on the mind. Hard to imagine something easy but hard, eh? I don't really know how to explain it. I mean, even the easiest of games has its moments where it can be hard... Now I'm just rambling... Ok, its hard but easy. I'll leave it as that. But, yeah, if a game has a save function and it's supposed to have a 3-5 hour play time, there's something wrong and it's too easy... Now, finding EVERYTHING in the game is a little harder. I'm like missing 1 gem from like every lvl, and they're like hard to find. Damnit!
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