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09/15/2003: "Game Testing"

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Woohoo!!! I got accepted to be a Beta Tester for Socom 2!!! Dope. But, I bet it's an online only beta. If not, I get a free (but, bugged) unexpiring game. Unlike EQOA Beta, which expires in a few months.

The past few days I've been testing SSX3, a really cool snowboarding game much like the Tony Hawk: Pro Skating line of ''extreme'' games. Controls were something to get used to, 'cause I was used to Tony Hawk's controls. All-in-all a really fun game.

Overtime today (last night? A few hours ago...) I was put on NBA Live 2004. Pretty cool, I suppose. I'm no basketball guy, so I didn't really know what to do, or know any moves. Put me in front of a hockey game, I'll tear that up. More some other time...
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On Monday, September 15th @ 10:14 AM PST, shia said:
ahh thats where u were when i was callin