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09/15/2003: "Hockey Saturday - Pre-Season, Game 2 of 2"

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TEAMS1st2nd3rdTOTALShots On Goal
Misfits 013439
SJ Wolves243921

OK, so I really lagged on this entry, sue me. I basically crashed hard when I got home after the game. I just didn't feel good. I just came home from working (if you can call it that) from 9:30AM until 11PM and have to cut it short 'cause moO's giving me dirty looks 'cause she just got here and then I tell her I'm gonna blog.

During the game I couldn't play very well, despite my scoring chances (which I couldn't convert). Even though I was on the ice, I was extremely hot. It could be the gear and the fact that I'm ''exercising,'' I'm not sure, but I felt OVERLY hot. I'm sure I showed it in the game. Oh well, it's just pre-season... now where the hell is the schedule?! I need to know what days I need to take off work! Grrrr.
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