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09/30/2003: "The Sims Online (TSO)"

Archived Entry:
Today I played the dreaded TSO. I remember when it first came out, my sister went out and bought it like every other Sims game (except for the ps2 version). A few days later she told me she hated it and got sick of it, so she gave me the account with the free month on it. I played it for a week and also got sick of it. The skills were just so damn lame 'cause they took too damn long to get. And the worst of it, if you logged off too long and came back, your skill points were gone; like you would get stupider (is that a word? it is now) in a weeks time offline. The fixed and added a bunch of things which make the gameplay slightly more enjoyable. I actually had a great time playing TSO today, the 8 hours actually did fly by. If anyone cares, who didn't already know, they're adding cats, NPCs, and real jobs. I don't know if it was implemented already or not, but I noticed a feature to "LOCK" your skill points (up to 10 points). YAY, I don't get stupid that easily anymore. Hopefully, tomorrow I'll still be on TSO and not something like NCAA March Madness or FIFA Soccer or something like that... Ok I'm done for now, must sleep.
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