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10/04/2003: "Hockey Saturday"

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Misfits 010129

Wow, a win this early in the season, great! Get the ball moving early in the season. I came a little late this game. Lost track of time. The other team played plenty dirty, a specific number comes to my mind. Stupid refs. Anyway, a hard earned win. Especially by Sean. He was held up at the boards, and basically shoulder threw the other guy. There was no penalty, 'cause the ref basically said to the other guy something like ''let go of him''... I had a pretty good chance right in front of the goal, but I was too close, so I pulled it back a tad and I guess I took too long with the puck and got it taken away... Heh, I got a puck shot at me, and I didn't feel it until like a half an hour ago. How sad, I'm gonna have a bruise tomorrow.
Bitching by Adam @ 11:44 PM PST